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June 2017

 The Evolution of British Commercial Diplomacy in the Ottoman Empire
 Prof.Dr. Necla Geyikdağı
 Legal Nature of the Statement of EU-Turkey Summit Dated 18 March 2016
 Prof.Dr. Nuray Ekşi
 ‘Action of Violence’ or ‘Democratic Protest’? According to the Turkish Press Gezi Park Resistance
 Prof.Dr. Meral Öztoprak, Arş.Gör. Özlem Özdeşim Subay
 The Established And The Outsıders-Theorem Instead Of ‘‘Racism’’: A Figuration Of Power Assymmetrie
 Prof.Dr. Hasret Elçin Kürşat Coşkun
 Some Equity in Tax Collections of the Government in a Commodity Market
 Prof.Dr. Ahmet Özçam
 The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on the Economic Development in the Eurasian Region
 Prof.Dr. Natalya Ketenci
 A Critical Analysis of Gender-based Discourse about Domestic Women Workers in Turkey: The Case of kadinlarkulubu.com
 Asst.Prof.Dr. Pınar Yazgan, Assoc.Prof.Dr. M. Murat Yüceşahin, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Sevim Atila Demir
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